AMZ Group | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Redesigning AMZ Group's digital brand identity

Dubai's AMZ Group offers investment opportunities in retail, hospitality, healthcare, facilities management and security services companies with high investment returns. AMZ Group felt their website was embarrassing to show to any potential investors and lose some business deals in the process. They wanted to completely redesign their logo and website and show off their diverse portfolio of investment ready companies.

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A website not fit to show to investors

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Outdated website design

The website was hurting their business because they didn't want to show it to anyone. There wasn't much information on the website either.

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Need for a professional logo

AMZ Group didn't have a professional corporate logo they could use in their marketing materials, email signatures, and social media.

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Non-structured information

There was little information on the website about each company, some information was outdated, and there were at least four pages that could form the about us page.

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Creative business assets

We created a mood board to show that our luxury website vision is precisely what AMZ Group wanted. Our designers created corporate logo concepts, brand style guide, email signature logos, and social media images throughout the project.

Luxury website designed to attract global investors

AMZ Group Dubai didn't have to think about the website structure or write text for the new website. All we asked them was to approve each page design. Luckily, our vision aligned with theirs, so there were virtually no changes to the designs. They were blown away by the designs just as we were.


Unique design

When we talked with AMZ Group about their website, they wanted it to be black and gold; the rest was all up to us, and we are proud of what we delivered.


Corporate logo

Our designer created several corporate, text based logo concepts, so there was plenty of logos to choose from.


Information architecture

We used whatever information we could from the old website and then written a text for everything else based on our online research about each company.

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Responsive and fast

A unique website you want everyone to see

After years of not wanting to show their website to anyone, AMZ Group in Dubai can now proudly show off their redesigned website to the world.

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Mobile and tablet ready

It wouldn't be a modern website if it wasn't designed to be responsive on mobile and tablet devices.

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Fast on a global scale

AMZ Group website is hand coded and uses Amazon Web Services to load it fast anywhere in the world.

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