Zawawi Group | Muscat, Oman

Reimagining Zawawi Group's online presence

Zawawi Group is one of the leading investment groups in Oman, but their website was unfortunately not supporting that image. To appeal to investors worldwide, the website needed to showcase the group's vast portfolio of industries they operate in and all the investment opportunities.

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Website letting the brand's online image down

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Out of date website

The website was showing its age with an outdated look and technology. The website wasn't responsive and didn't use an SSL certificate.

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Hard to navigate

Another downside of the website was having to click through a lot of menus to find specific information. They also wanted to add more information.

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Non-structured information

Most pages contain a lot of text and small images. Website visitors scan the content using headings and small paragraphs rather than blocks of text.

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Creating beautiful assets

Zawawi Group wanted to redesign their logo completely. Our designers created a few logo concepts.

Unique and fresh design for years to come

The designs were carefully thought out and custom designed using a combination of black and gold yellow to create a luxury website showing the beauty of Oman thanks to Majid Qatan photography.


Custom designed website

One of the requirements was to have one of the best looking websites in Oman, and with our custom design, we achieved it.


Thought out architecture

Navigating through the vast information on the website is now much easier with simple information architecture.


Structured information

Most of the information from the old website was used throughout the new one; this time, it's restructured and easy to scan.

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Mobile and tablet ready

A stunning website that looks great on any device

Since Zawawi Group is the leading investment group in Oman, their new website had to be on trend and future proof.

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Fast and secure

Another way of bringing the Group's online presence forward was to use Amazon Web Services for super fast and secure cloud hosting. The old website was slow to load, but with AWS, it loads instantly from anywhere in the world with zero maintenance.

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Responsive design

The redesigned website features a responsive design and can be viewed by investors worldwide on their tablet or mobile.

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