Are your potential customers impressed by your website?

Do you feel confident sharing your Dubai company website with your customers or investment partners? Are you happy with the branding and quality of your corporate website?

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Get a modern, responsive, luxury website

Don't think of your corporate website as a necessity; it should be your business asset. Do you feel your website can do a lot more, be more trustworthy and show a successful company image? Imagine having a redesigned website that reinforces credibility and you are proud to show off.


Complete service agency

You don't have to liaise with several companies regarding your domain or website when working with the best web design company in Dubai. We provide full service, from setting up your domain to designing a luxury website. All you have to do is enjoy seeing your new website being built.


Creative website design

Whether you are an investment group, dentist, yacht broker, hotel, or restaurant company in Dubai, you need a website that's both better than your competitors' and functional. Our work starts with information architecture and focuses on a smooth user journey through your new website.


Long term partnership

We understand your time is a precious commodity, and that's why our high net worth clients and luxury businesses in Dubai value our flexible approach, passion for design, experience in developing digital businesses, fast communication, and forming long term working partnerships.

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You can have a website that you are proud of

Do you want to settle for a WordPress website that's hard to update, maintain and can be easily hacked? No, we didn't think so. You want to stand out and have the best website or ecommerce design in Dubai that shows you are a credible company.

With a web design and development company in Dubai VR Global Group, you too can have a luxury website that can leave your competitors behind. Stop wasting your valuable time micromanaging a creative agency in Dubai and your website redesign; let's get things done.

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AMZ Group | Dubai, UAE

Redesigning an outdated website for Dubai's investment group

AMZ Group were not happy with their outdated website and wanted to completely redesign their branding and online presence.

View AMZ Group case study

Hand crafted
websites and ecommerce

VR Global Group is your web design company in Dubai with passionate and creative web designers, developers, SEO specialists, digital marketers and copywriters across Europe. Luxury businesses across the Middle East work with us to design stunning websites and ecommerce stores and get first class customer service.

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Luxury websites in Dubai designed with passion

Innovative ideas

To help your Dubai website or ecommerce stay ahead of the competition, we combine our creativity and passion for building businesses with your newly designed websites.

Passionate, detailed approach

We are passionate about creating modern and luxury websites in Dubai for investment groups, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants and even yacht brokers.

Getting things done

We understand you have deadlines, and with our flexible and straightforward approach, you will see things moving while keeping our high standard of work.

No more WordPress

Are you fed up with everyone trying to sell you a WordPress website? A website created by us will be modern, fast and built using modern Jamstack framework.

Super fast and secure

To attract customers from around the globe, you need a website built to load fast with an SSL security certificate as a standard. That's where Amazon Web Services comes in.

Fully responsive design

Bring your website up to speed by working with a web development company in Dubai that can create a mobile ready website that looks great on any device, including tablets.

Hand coded by pros

It's time to say goodbye to WordPress and embrace the future with a fast website that's hand coded. No more plugins and widgets to update!

English copywriting service

Creating websites for luxury brands in Dubai is not just about high-end design but writing a website copy that sells and is SEO optimised.

Ready to launch website

Your precious time could be spent on more important things than having to manage a website design company in Dubai. We offer full service.

We think you deserve a high end website, don't you?
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Elegant websites designed to wow

Work with a web design agency in Dubai, VR Global Group, to benefit from our highest quality work, flexibility, business knowledge and expertise in creating web and ecommerce design.

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VIP website

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Luxury website

Includes 1 year support Get luxury

Small website

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Interested in ecommerce web design in Dubai? eCommerce design service

Meet your Dubai's creative agency experts

Richard Kacerek

Richard has worked in London for the top media companies for over a decade. At heart, he's a developer and used to leading a large team of people toward a common goal.

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Vera Nesvadbova

Vera is our top content director with a long history of content writing for businesses. Her work at V&R transformed clients' expectations of what quality content should be.

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Your luxury website is only a click away

Start your journey to a credible and beautiful website for your company in Dubai. Let's show your brand as a successful and trustworthy business.

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Let's start designing your new website

Our passion is designing websites for Dubai corporations that look great and reflect trust and brand image. We take pride in every website we create. A website from a search engine optimisation agency in Dubai, like VR Global Group, can become your business asset.

  1. Step 1
    Getting to know your business
  2. Step 2
    Designing and coding your new website
  3. Step 3
    Writing SEO optimised English website copy
  4. Step 4
    Launching your stunning website
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A website designed to increase sales

Mobile ready and optimised for SEO

Does your web design company in Dubai offer concierge service when designing your website or ecommerce? VR Global Group specialises in creating a modern website presence that reinforces credibility.

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